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FPÖ will become an increasingly important actor in Austrian and European policy.

This article was written a few days after the elections.

The Austrian presidential elections resulted in a very narrow margin in favor of the ecologist candidate, Alexander van der Bellen who won 50.3% of the votes, against nationalist candidate Norbert Hofer -candidate of the nationalist Eurosceptic FPÖ- who got 49.7%. However the election campaign gave us to understand that it was much more what was at stake for the Austrian –and European- political "establishment":  Van der Bellen, member of the Green Party (Die Grünen OÖ) himself, was supported by the ORF (Austrian Television), by the conservatives (ÖVP), by the Social Democrats (SPÖ), by the EU and by the international press ... In fact it was a struggle of all against Hofer. So the result should be more than disturbing for the political super-elite, for Brussels bureaucrats and for “political correctness”.

Austria has always been an example of the proper functioning of democracy, but in this election there are many voices that speak of manipulation of votes and results. In fact it has appeared in various media the news that in certain Austrian town voted 146% of the census [i] , it is not the only irregularity detected in an election whose outcome turned on counting the vote by mail. It is curious that no Western government, nor the EU have referred to these proven irregularities, while they are so scrupulous with elections in countries where electoral victory does not match its geostrategic interests: Putin's Russia for example. These attitudes only serve to undermine the credibility of the Austrian government –as well as the EU- and to question its fair play in its own country. Are EU governments able of things to avoid any legitimate political triumph of their adversaries?
This election will have an immediate effect on both the Austrian and European policy, where the FPÖ will become an increasingly important actor.

In Austria the polarization of forces will only benefit the FPÖ. The new president Van der Bellen has already demonstrated its anti-democratic behavior stating that he will avoid anyway a chancellor of the FPÖ even if it is the most voted party [ii]  ... and it will be certainly as say the survey. If Van der Bellen refuses to name Heinz- Christian Strache -the FPÖ candidate- for chancellor of Austria, it will only possible by supporting a coalition of losers and also skipping the most elementary principles of democratic action.

On the other hand, the FPÖ has shown that remains the European nationalist party who takes the highest percentage of votes in Europe, and the one which is really close to take the government of its nation. As well FPÖ is doing an important work with the German AfD (Alternative für Deutschland):  first supporting it and now building strong alliances. That probably will allow those two parties to build together a strong nationalist and Eurosceptic core in Europe, and this new situation will have political consequences and geopolitical positioning this political sector.

 Enric Ravello.

[i] http://www.ilgiornale.it/news/mondo/giallo-sulle-elezioni-austriache-comune-affluenza-146-1263143.html
[ii] http://breizatao.com/2016/05/26/autriche-le-nouveau-president-empechera-la-formation-de-tout-gouvernement-populiste-meme-sil-est-elu/
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