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The polls reveal: Swedish people tired of multiculturalism tend to favor the nationalist party more and more.



The latest pool published in Sweden and made by the Yougov agency, gives the best result ever achieved by the nationalist and anti-immigration party: 28.8% for Sweden Democrats (SD) that confirms the unstoppable upward trend for the Swedish nationalists, verified in recent years and accelerated in recent months[1]. In fact in the September 2014 elections held in the Scandinavian country, SD became the third political force in the country with 12.7% of votes, following an imperturbable growth since the European elections of 2009 (3.27%), Swedish  elections 2010 (5.7%), and the European elections in June 2014 (9.67% and two deputies in Strasbourg).
Since these last elections, the intention of voting for SD rises continuously in the polls as well. In fact, this fear in the rise of SD is the reason which has prevented the left coalition -who won the elections and got the Government- to call for new early elections despite not having a majority to govern comfortably[2].

The electoral rise of SD is simply the political reflection of a sociological reality. In Sweden, understood for years as the paradigm of "open society", multiculturalism has failed, and the local population calls for its replacement by another model based on the defense of the native Swedish population.

Rinkeby: the failure of the multicultural paradigm.
With 9,500,000 inhabitants, the official number of immigrants in Sweden is 12%. Without being legal "ethnic" statistics, the figures derived from studies on immigration and nationality say that 27% of people in Sweden have full partial or foreign origin, while 73% are "only Swedes"[3] .

Like other Scandinavian countries, Sweden has a relatively "hard" laws on immigration, but very lax and permissive about "refugees", the gateway of immigration from the Third World, as it was in the 70 for Chileans fleeing the Pinochet´s regime. Late 60s and 70s marked the influx of "refugees" but until the early 90s, most of the immigrants settled in Sweden, were from the rest of Scandinavia, especially Finland.

In this context it was when the Miljonprogrammet or "Million Programme" was born. A plan developed by the Social Democratic government between 1965 and 1974 in which the construction of a number of modern neighborhoods, by destroying traditional houses and replace them with modern buildings of dubious urban style inspired by the model of the former Democratic Republic planned German.

The goal was to create a million new affordable homes in which refugees becoming into "good democratic citizens" will be housed. The criterion of that plan was the social-democratic utopia quickly collided with reality. Instead of "good democratic citizens", it has been the islamists and non- integrated immigrants who have mostly populating these suburbs.

So they devised and planned neighborhoods as Rinkeby in Stockholm and Rosengard in Malmo, this one with 84% foreign population, also known in Malmo as "the ghetto", where was built one of the largest mosques in Sweden. The area of the mosque is supplemented with schools and childcare centers where inevitably Islamic garment women's clothing is used including Islamic veil.

For the Swedes and more specifically for the inhabitants of Stockholm, Rinkeby is now synonymous with crime, insecurity, immigration and Islamic fundamentalism, although it was not always so. Rinkeby was born in 1347 as a small town on the outskirts of Stockholm. It had its peak in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, but its dependence on the capital was increasing. In 1965 it becomes a neighborhood over Stockholm, with the peculiarity that since 1971 is the place where a growing number of “refugees” beginning to arrive in Sweden were installed.

To facilitate travel and comfort of these new “guests” a subway station was built 1975. Today 89.1% of the population is foreign born; by day or by night it is impossible to see a Swedish citizen near this subway station: there his life is worth very little.

The neighborhood's name has given rise to the word, Rinkebysvenska, a term to designate the impoverished variety of Swedish language spoken in the suburbs.

However it is not possible to qualify Rinkeby with the adjective "poor. Public libraries, mosques and Islamic cultural centers -pay by the Swedes contributing- are part of the normal landscape of this suburb. The proportion of satellite TV antenna is the largest in Scandinavia, unemployment rate exceeds 70% but, the welfare state created by native Swedes also takes care of them.

Virtually 100% of its inhabitants get a government subsidy of some kinds. As a Swedish young girl told us, the worst is that most papers and certificates are faked -the Swedish bureaucracy relies excessively on the "sincerity"- to collect 3 or 4 subsidies at a time is normal, usually by exclusive or incompatible reasons. Decidedly Scandinavian welfare is not intended for other "mentalities". Becoming “multicultural” welfare state will inevitable collapse.

Rapes, violence and yihadism.
In 2008 the Swedish Security Agency (SAPO) warned that Sweden could become a basis for recruiting Islamist groups.  That same year the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, reported that in recent years have been 20 detained as suspected terrorists in the country, they all had Swedish "passport" and had been born in one of these suburbs.

The growing presence of immigrants from Muslim countries is also the reason for the incredible and tragic increase in rape in Sweden, Stockholm City being the city with more violations per capita in Europe and Sweden, the country with the highest per capita rape in the world only overcome by Lesotho.  Since 1975 when the Swedish Parliament decided to turn the country so ethnically homogeneous up to a "multicultural state" violations have increased by 1,472%, with mostly “second generation” immigrants aggressors, that is, with "Swedish passport". An example of the failure of the multicultural fantasy[4].

Meanwhile the pro-immigration media-political class -conservatives or social-democrats- continue to deny reality and defending its social model. With so ridiculous and reprehensible attitudes as to censure the famous children's series television of Swedish production Pippi Longstocking, with the logical popular reaction against this stupidity[5], or being denied by the police the racial identity of the bands in Stockholm rapist, just “not to favor the political growth of SD”[6].

By the moment this propaganda and these lies don´t serve to stop the escalation of violence in Sweden against the new wave of "refugees"[7],   neither the exodus of Swedish citizens fleeing from an increasingly unstable and insecure society, over 51,000 Swedes left the country just in 2015 [8] .

Patriots, Eurosceptic and anti-immigration: North European nationalist parties.
These are the circumstances that explain the growing electoral success of the SD, which may soon become the largest party in Sweden. As it has occurred in another country considered models of "multiculturalism", as the Netherlands, where today the party which is receiving more popular support is Greet Wilder's Partij Von de Vrijheid (PVV).

Similar situations with similar results happen in two other EU countries, Denmark and Finland -in the latter the percentage of immigrants is lower- where the Danish People's Party (DF)[9] and Finnish Party/True Finnish (PerusS)[10] get high percentages of vote.

SD, PVV, DF and PersuS agree to share three characteristics that define them as parties: a strong patriotic charge, a resounding position against immigration and islamization of their country, and an extremely critical stance against the Euro and the membership of their country to EU; combined with friendly and sympathetic forms of communication to the public. It is what might be called "the Nordic model of nationalism", a model that moves as fast as growing problems of multiculturalism in their respective countri

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[9] Danks Folkeparti (DF) 26% and most voted party in the European elections (2014), 21.1% in Danish general elections (2015)

[10] PersuSuomalaiset (PersuS fin.) 12.9% in the Europan elections (2014); 17.7% in the Finnish general elections (2015)

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