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The UE has no answer to the refugee invasion.



Filip Dewinter (Bruges- Flanders 1962) is an important eurosceptic politician and one of the most famous European leaders against the mass-immigration and Islamization.
Degree in Journalism (Erasmus Handelsschool) 1985.  He is member of the Flemish (north-Belgium) nationalist party Vlaams Blok-Vlaams Belang, with a long political career:
1985-1987: Provincial councillor in Anvers.
1987-1995: Deputy in Belgian Parliament
1988-2014: Deputy in Flemish Parliament.
2012-2014: Vice-President of Flemish Parliament.
Since 1995 local councilman in Anvers, in 2006 he got 33.51% of the votes in the local elections.
2010-14: Senator designated by the Flemish Parliament
Since 25th May 2014: Deputy in the Federal Parliament
Founder of the organization “European cities against Islamization”, he is the author of several books as: Eigen volks eerst (1989), Weg met Ons? (1991), Een tegen allen (1996), Zerotolerantie tegen Criminaliteit (2003), Al Hija (2009). Inch Allah! The Islamization of Europe (2009) published in Dutch, English, Spanish and French.

2016 begins with the news of the attacks on women immigrants in Cologne, this is a big failure of the so-calledmulticulturalism” and the integration policies. Do you think this year we will face more situations like this? Is there any possibility of integration of so-called refugees?
Multiculturalism means multiconflict. We reached the tipping point. This means that non-European immigrants are no longer integrating into our society but our European society is adapting to their way of life. What happened in Cologne is typical for the failure of multiculturalism. Most of those “rape refugees” are Muslims. Muslims think that they can treat a woman as a prostitute. They don’t respect women at all. For them women are “untermenschen”. In fact it is a sort of a sexjihad. They want to humiliate women to make it clear for everybody that the islam is in charge in Europe now. 

We all know the existence of neighborhoods like Molenbeek and similar areas in other cities of Antwerp and Flanders. Is there a risk that in your country of suffering such attacks against women?
In fact what happened in Cologne is happening everywhere in Europe. Only because it happened in Cologne on such a big scale, it got a lot of media attention. For many years already the media tries to ignore or cover up this sort of incidents.

Angela Merkel insists on keeping the same policy of welcoming “refugees” in Germany, in your opinion, will this hurt the CDU in upcoming elections?
The “Wir schaffen das”-politics of Angela Merkel will damage CDU  in upcoming elections. The majority of the German people will no longer support Merkel and the CDU.

In Germany it is growing the protests against the massive influx of immigrants. Do you think this feeling is growing majority among the German population?
The “Wir schaffen das”-politics of Merkel means the ‘untergang’ of Merkel.
You participated as a speaker at a PEGIDA demonstration in Dresden. What is the political environment in which it was found? Is there really free speech in Germany to discuss immigration issues.
The speech for Pegida in Dresden was the most impressive speech I ever made. Pegida is very powerful in Eastern Germany. It is a people’s which has a lot of support of the common people. Never forget that in Eastern Germany they have a long tradition of resistance against the powers that be Pegida is spreading all over Germany and even all over Europe now. Lutz Bachmann, the spokesman of the Pegida movement, could be one of the leading politicians of the right wing patriotic movement in Europe in the future. He’s very charismatic and he is also very popular. We have to understand that for more than one year, every Monday evening Pegida organizes a protest-manifestation in Dresden. Every Monday more than 10.000 people participate in the Pegida-manifestation. Pegida has no money, no political support, no media-support…Still they manage.

So, Germany is actually a pseudo-democracy. The EU country is not exactly an example of democratic guarantees.
Not only Germany but the whole of Europe is pseudo democracy. If you are not politically correct you don’t count. The officials state ideology is multiculturalism. Diversity is their main political goal. Officially there is free speech in Europe but all those who are critical towards mass-immigrations, islamization and multiculturalism are threatened to be racists and extreme-right militants. Free speech is only guaranteed for those who are in favor of multiculturalism and who are politically correct. Even in the Soviet Union during the Colonial Area there were so called democratic elections. The DDR was a so called Democratic Republic. It’s not because you use the word democratic that you are a real democrat.

Going back to PEGIDA, is it true that PEGIDA plans to present itself as a political party in the forthcoming elections? Which would be the first target of PEGIDA, the German federal Parliament or enter into regional parliaments?
It’s possible that Pegida will present lists in Germany for the next elections. I don’t know… Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. It is up to them to decide. Personally I think it would be a good initiative. Pegida is already a very successful popular movement. We need Pegida also to be represented in German Federal and Regional Parliaments.

Another German political party, AfD is trying to collect the discontent with the massive influx of refugees. What are the political differences between AfD and PEGIDA?
AfD is too main stream. AfD is not radical enough when it comes to refugees, islamisation and multiculturalism. Pegida has not only more potential but is also saying the right things about immigration, the refugee-crisis, the multiculturalism and islam.

Therefugees” problem affects all of Europe. Do you think Brussels is knowing how to act properly? EU´s mistakes in this matter can increase Euroscepticism?
The EU has no answer to the refugee-invasion. They don’t want to close the borders of Europe and they have no impact on the local policy of the different countries. The refugee-crisis shows that EU is not able to stand up and find solutions to solve the problem. EU is a failure. Of course it will increase Euroscepticism. A lot of Europeans do not longer believe in EU-institutions. Eurocrats, the EU-politicians stand with Angela Merkel. The common people in Europe stand with Victor Orban. They want the borders to be closed and they want to get rid of the majority of the so called “political refugees”. The fact that Europe is not capable in finding a consensus between European countries about the refugee-crisis means the end of the European consensus-policy and the end of Schengen also. Every country will organise his own immigration policy in the future. That’s a good thing because if we have to rely on the European institutions it will only mean open borders and more immigration.   

Austria, Denmark and Sweden have already left the Schengen. Can you understand this as a major failure of the EU on immigration?
Austria, Denmark and Sweden did the right thing. Leaving the Schengen is necessary to organize national immigration policy. You can’t close your borders if you don’t leave Schengen. The policy of Hungary is an example for all the other European countries. The world population will increase with about two billion people during the next twenty years. We are with 7.5 billion people now and we will be with 9.5 billion people in 2035. That means that 200.000 people are born every day. The population of the Third World will double within 15 years. The majority of them will try to immigrate to Europe or to another Western country. We can’t cope with this mass-invasion. About one million refugees came over to Europe in 2015. During the next 10 years more than twenty million people will come to Europe. We ain’t seen nothing yet!

Your party Vlaams Belang, is cooperating with other forces in Europe called “Eurosceptic? Do you think this Euroscepticism will grow in Flanders and all over the EU?
There is a sort of European spring going on. In many European countries, right wing patriotic parties are going very strong. In the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Scandinavian countries but also in the Eastern European countries, patriotic movements are doing very well. We have to unite our forces to combine our efforts. That means that in European parliament but also elsewhere we have to work together. Only if we join our efforts, we will be able to form an alternative for the traditional parties. Also in our country, Belgium, Vlaams Belang is doing well. We are at 12 % in the polls which means that we are quite successful for the time being. I believe that we can once again win the next elections. 15 to 20 % will be our goal 2018-elections.

A last question, what do you think would be the best way of dealing with violence and massive refugee arrival into Europe?
We have to fight back. It’s a question of survival. The refugees are a sort of hostile army without weapons or uniforms. They want to conquer Europe for islam. The refugees are the Trojan horse of radical islam. Refugees are not our friends, they are our enemies. They don’t want to integrate; they don’t chair our values; in fact they hate us. We should not tolerate islam as an official religion on the soil of Europe. Of course there is freedom of religion for everybody but that doesn’t mean that we have to subsidise and recognise aggressive anti-European ideology such as islam. For me it’s clear that we should ban the islam out of Europe. 

By: Enric Ravello.

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