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Islamist attempts occurred last November in Paris have raised alarm among European politicians. The political class that until recently claimed that immigration would be integrated into European societies and that our societies would become into a model of harmonious multiculturalism, begins now to question the failure of their claims, and begin to see the millions of descendants of Muslim immigrants, as a serious problem difficult to solve.

The consequences of this change of mind are being translated into a series of preventive measures in domestic policy, an open debate on the Schengen Treaty, and also in relations between the EU countries.
As the professor of Nagoya University and expert on geopolitics, Angel Calvo says, France is unwilling to allow a new state so lax and permissive with jihadism as Belgium -the country with the highest percentage number of Islamic radicals- on its southern border. That means that the policy of the Government "open door" to the "pseudo-refugees" is a new handicap for recognition by France -and other EU countries to Catalonia as an independent state[1].

 In recent weeks, the “Generalitat”[2] and the Catalan parties that support it, have taken a further step in its policy of “open doors”, ensuring that every new immigrant will have two years of official economic aid for clothing, food and rent. What is not just a political blunder and an injustice to the native Catalan population, but it increases the risk of the arrival of jihadists in Catalonia over the next two years.

At the same time it should be noted that while France closed three radical mosques following the terrorist attacks in Catalonia have opened twenty clearly Salafist mosques only during the last year[3]. So, the total number of radical mosques in Catalonia, reach to eighty mosques, an eerily dangerous number.

For years the Catalan nationalist parties have tried to attract the support of immigrants, creating public foundations as "Nous Catalans"[4], affirming that every immigrant will get the “Catalan nationality”, and holding electoral meetings in mosques. A wrong strategy that has had no result: Muslim leaders call to vote for the PSOE[5]; a strategy that only have created distrust in the EU towards a possible independent Catalonia.
Decidedly due to political infantilism Catalonia will never be independent. Achieving recognition of the EU is much more serious and requires serious policy on immigration.

[2] “Generalitat”: Government of Catalonia
[3]   http://societat.e-noticies.cat/una-vintena-de-mesquites-salafistes-sobren-a-catalunya-en-un-any-98581.html
[4]  Lit. “New Catalans” A Foundation dedicated to promoting and subsidizing immigrants to Catalonia http://www.nouscatalans.cat/
[5] PSOE: Socialist Spanish Party, and anti-independence one.  http://politica.e-noticies.es/musulmanes-piden-el-voto-para-el-psoe-99093.html
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