dimarts, 10 de novembre del 2015


 Last August, the Austrian newspaper InfoDirekt, close to the Austrian Army, published a report by the Österreichischen Abwehramts (Austrian Intelligence Service) following this the influx of refugees and illegal immigrants to Europe wouldn´t be a spontaneous phenomenon, but an organized plan funded by billionaire George Soros and the US government, with the aim of creating a social and economic crisis in the EU.  It is the so called "chaos strategy" against the EU, already they announced for decades the French writers like Alexandre del  Valle and Guillaume Faye: the divergence of interests between the USA and EU –that is understand as "adversary" by US- motivated Washington to seek social and economic chaos  in the EU. In that position of weakness, European countries will continued to be submissive to the US dominance.

In the same sense has been publicly stated, Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Premier, who recently accused the US and George Soros of being behind the massive influx of immigrants to Europe and the current "refugee crisis".
Viktor Orban has faced repeatedly to Brussels for their positions on political economic and immigration issues, today he has become a leading reference for everyone who oppose the senseless policy of "open door" for refugees and immigrants. Viktor Orban and Hungary are also known for its good relations with Putin's Russia.

On the other hand, George Soros's and Peter Sutherland –United Nations special adviser UN for international Migrations- own declarations confirm that mass immigration is not a spontaneous phenomenon but a strategy with the specific objectives: not only cause economic and social chaos but also reverse the demographic situation in the countries of Western and Central Europe.

A very different role is played by Vladimir Putin´s Russia. In addition to intervene in the war in Syria, directly attacking the ISIS and supporting the legitimate government of Al-Assad. Putin's action in Syria has allowed 80,000 refugees to return to their homes, which, no doubt, is the best solution to solve the refugee crisis. Once again Putin´s policy is the best choice for non-Islamic Arab world and Europe.

Enric Ravello Barber.


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